Embedded Systems and Software
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Working with embedded software systems brings its own challenges and risks to a business.  As complexity rises, programme costs and risks increase disproportionately.  Meeting evidence requirements for standards whilst coping with increasing complexity becomes harder, driving a need to invest in new systems and software development techniques.  This investment has to deliver as the consequences of not doing so will likely mean over budget, late projects that do not meet regulatory requirements.

Tudor Associates Ltd capitalises on  knowledge, expertise and experience of software development, validation and verification to advise clients on investment, training and compliance.  

Typical clients would be those who have a requirement to ensure that their products will be reliable, safe and secure and produced as efficiently as possible in order to maximise return on investment.  Clients may also be required to meet standards in industries such as aerospace (DO178B/C), automotive (ISO26262), pharmaceutical (GAMP) or any flavour of IEC61508.

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