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Delivery of understandable, useful training in software standards is the focus of the training element of Tudor Associates. Whilst the subject matter might be technical, getting an understanding need not be wrapped in jargon.  The de-facto standard for software in aerospace is “software considerations in airborne systems and equipment” (RTCA DO178B or EUROCAE ED12B). This is being refreshed and the new DO178C will incorporate new guidance, technology specific supplements and guidance on tool qualification.

A 3 day DO178B/C course will be available soon.  This will give a deep insight into the evidence required to meet certification up to Level A.  It will cover not only the content of the document but will also help users structure their use of DO178B/C so that certification becomes a by product of day-to-day development activities.  

Interest in the new DO178C material is rising throughout the aerospace industry.  Being an active participant in SC205/WG71 over the 6 + years of writing the new document set, gives a valuable insight into the rationale behind the text and the implications for businesses that will be expected to use the documents.  Naturally many companies will have considerable experience of DO178B/DO278 and only need to know the differences and impact on their current processes.  A one day conversion course is therefore all that is required which will build upon knowledge of DO178B.  

The material for a full DO178B/C course or the one-day conversion course may not suit all companies needs and courses can be tailored to meet specific requirements.  Please contact Tudor Associates to discuss your individual training needs.