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About us

Tudor Associates is a consultancy that specialises in assisting companies for whom safe, reliable systems and software are critical.  Bringing over a decade of experience in high integrity systems to clients who wish to identify inefficiencies and risks in their development processes.  Clients will also wish to ensure that their embedded software systems are not the cause of loss of reputation, revenue or life through ensuring that they can meet regulatory needs.

With international experience in government and industry, regulations and training, Tudor Associates can tailor services to meet a clients individual needs.  Through the use of services and consultancy provided by Tudor Associates you will be able to improve the efficiency of your development processes and more assuredly meet regulatory requirements.

Nick Tudor

Nick has been focussed on improving embedded software systems development for over a decade.  He has worked in government and industry on numerous projects providing advice on requirements, standards, development techniques and software safety.  He has a track record of taking research through development to commercial success and has worked with certification authorities to ensure necessary compliance.  He has been actively supporting the international effort to refresh DO178 and is a key member of Sub Group 6 (Formal Methods).  He has successfully coached highly technical oriented personnel to present themselves and their subject to non-specialists.  He has also developed and delivered training for software related material for both specialists and technically familiar audiences.

Nick is a graduate in Electrical Electronic Engineering and holds a Masters in Software Engineering using this knowledge throughout a full career in the Royal Air Force and subsequently in industry working for QinetiQ in aerospace and automotive alongside companies such as BAES, Jaguar Land Rover, MBDA, Airbus, Rolls-Royce and government organisations such as the UK MOD and NASA.